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I have a 1971 521 and I want to change my 6 lug to a 4 lug


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Okay, a little more helpful.


Your 6 lug is 139.7mm (5.5") pcd, while most 4 lug are 100mm or 114.3 (4.5"). That means (a) you won't be using any of the original stud holes, (b) the hub is not conducive to redrilling since the back is not flat (only machined flat where the original stud heads land, and (c) the diameter of the bearings/hub is probably not conducive to the smaller 4.5" pcd.


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Roadster, 411, or 510 wagon rear axle will get you to four lug on the rear.  


Investigation of the bearing layout up front followed by research into a 4 lug hub that is close enough to swap,then you gotta figure out brakes.


If you need the spacers for setting offset anyway, they do make 25mm thick 6 lug to 4 lug adapters.

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On 7/21/2020 at 10:43 AM, datzenmike said:

Let your mind overrule your heart. Know what will fit your 521 and stick with it. Look for love withing your own species.


Find out what will fit and work on your vehicle. By fit I mean the proper offset and diameter so the rim does not poke the tire out past the fender. Because if lowering or not lowering you will ALWAYS eventually hit a bump where the body comes down on the tire. This ruins the body and will cut a groove all the way round the tire's tread. Select a rim and tire size that fit's inside the fender, and yes it takes some thought but when done right it's looks fabulous.


If you have 6 bolt rims look at 6 bolt rims. Mazda, Ford, GM, Isuzu, Toyota, other Nissans and more had them so lots of after market or factory mags to choose from. Don't look outside your league at a super model girlfriend or you'll be doing all the compromising. You can't tell where it pinches by looks alone. Always buy sensible shoes.   

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