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17"x8" 0" offset wheels on a 510 2 door with BRE fender flares front and rear?

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Has anyone put 17"x8" 0" offset wheels on a 510 2 door with BRE fender flares front and rear?

My car is a 1969 Datsun 510 2 Door. For street use and Autocrossing and general fun.

I am finally getting close to finishing this project after 35+ years.

I have the following modifications:

5x114.3 (5x4.5") bolt pattern

Troy Ermish Inc. Stage 2 coilover suspension, 280ZX Struts

1” Knuckle Risers

Adjustable Lower Control Arms

Larger Rod Ends

Adjustable T/C Rods

Modified Steering Arms

Idler Arm with Delrin Bushings

280ZX big Wilwood disc brakes front

1 1/8” Datsun Competition Front Sway Bar


Wilwood disc brakes rear

7/8” Rear 3-Way Adjustable Sway Bar

BRE Fully Adjustable Rear Crossmember


Tires I am looking to use are 215/45ZR17 (94Y) XL or 225/45ZR17 Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires.


Thanks Don

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Have  you calculated your overall diameter difference/increase with your proposed tire size?  What is the largest wheel/tire package  you have had on it?


I have 15 x 7 0 offset VTO wheels I will be putting an a BRE flared car.  I have not measured yet to see if it could take a half inch more each in the inboard/outboard directions which is what you would essentially be doing with an 8 inch wide wheel.  I think an 8" zero offset should fit in a 15" diameter wheel. 


My concern with the 17" overall wheel and tire diameter is whether you would be getting tall enough to now get close the the flare and or sheet metal as it curves in to meet the original fender location.

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These are 16" Watanabe wheels on my 510 with BRE flares. I believe the rims are 8 inches wide and I do not remember the offset. The rims belonged to a friend and he just let me try them out. 


I am currently going to use 15X10 and 15X8 Hoshino Impuls on it




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Do you really want a 17” wheel on a 510?


What engine and rear diff are you running?

That’s a tall tire for autocross— most people go shorter for quicker acceleration.

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