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Subaru AWD?


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I recently picked up a 67 L520, with some mild refreshing to the 1300, and a rattle can black paint job, but nothing really special going on.


I'm a power guy, and have built Camaros, Mustangs, S10's, Jeep's, etc... Currently I've got a Camaro with a twin-turbo 406 BBC. So, naturally, my first thought was, "How can I fit the 334 stroker sitting in my garage in this little engine bay?"


I quickly got away from that Idea and want to do something I haven't before. I have an opportunity to pick up a full AWD drivetrain from a 2006 Impreza. The front CV outputs seem like the engine would have to sit a little too far forward to make it work without seriously modifying the truck (which I don't want to do). I figured I'd come here to the experts and see if anyone else has done an AWD swap into the trucks, how, and with what parts.


Before anyone says it (because inevitably someone on any forum always does), yes, I searched the existing threads first. Couldn't find anything in line with what I'm trying to do. If it's been done and I missed it, post the link! Haha


I'm new to the Datsun's, but I love the way the truck looks and it's a blast to drive.

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Take measurements and be some what confident that it will fit.  My 66 520 thread contains many hidden and some not so hidden mods and is still going under the knife.


The worst that can happen is you cut it to the point of no return and it ends up in the scrap yards. 


If you go this route be sure and post your J13 4 speed rear diff and frame for sale.  There are people that want these things.  Do not throw any thing away.  You might or someone else might need the parts.

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My guess is the engine vs trans layout directly the front axles.  Stopped by a buddy's shop few years ago, they had just pulled the original engine out of a Lancia Fulvia, which is FWD.  VERY expensive to rebuild that engine & car was worn out & a l'il rusty.  I'm looking in the engine compartment, chuckled & said "Ha I bet my Impreza engine would fit in here!".  Silence, as they all stared at me, with signs of smoke starting to come out of their ears.  The owner grabs a tape measure & asks "Do you have the Subbie here??!!"  Next thing ya know, this classic Lancia has a Subbie 2.5L in it!  The engine vs trans layout was siminlar.............engine kinda hangin' outin front of the trans, so that swap worked weel (not AWD tho'!!) 😎 

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