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Coupe vent seals


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The whistling coming from my front vent windows was driving me crazy so I dug around for replacements.  I checked all the regular places and then a fellow 1200 fan turned me on to these:


It took a minute to get them shipped internationally and cost a couple bucks, but it was well worth it for how much better the car looks and how much quieter it is.

Tearing the door all the way down was a pain and digging out the old seals also took time.  The new ones went in pretty easily overall.

On the whole I think they are a nice part, they seemed to not have very good overlap on the top half of the glass though.  I strongly suspect it is due to the lower window pivot having receded into the frame over time and under spring pressure.  When I get to it I'll pull that back apart and see if I can shim it up a bit.


I will say that having done one, I realized one *could* do the swap without pulling the door all apart.  Just remove the two nuts, washer, spring, and limit from the lower pivot and go for it.  I also decided not to try on the other side because it's hard enough to dig the old rubber out and get the nuts off the pivot shaft I decided it was safer to take the extra time than risk screwing something up or hurting myself.  Now that the seals are new and nuts have moved this century, I think I will try to take it apart to do the aforementioned shimming without stripping the door.

Screenshot_2020-06-30 Datsun 1200 Coupe Right Hand Front Quarter Vent Rubber Seal.png

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I just did this on my sedan and you're right, its a bit of an exercise. I'm glad there is a source for the coupe seals.. those seem to be the rare ones!


You can still get the sedan seals new.

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