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I have a 76, 620. Original front suspension and drum brakes. Would like to covert the front end to ball joint arms and disc. Brakes.  If this is possible,  any  advice to what year the donor could be? 

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Not really possible to swap parts to do this. You can buy a disc brake  kit but no easy way to convert to ball joint other than buying a '78 or '79 frame that has ball joint and disc brakes and mounting your '76 cab and box on it.

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Appreciate that info. I’ve read about Bluehands, reached out to him a few months ago. He was out of commission for a while. Can you recommend anyone  else to get a kit ? I saw Wilwood offers a kit? I drive this truck five days a week, 42 miles one way, mostly interstate. As everyone says, adjustments every month or so. No room for panic stops. I rebuild the entire brake system three years ago. It’s doing the best it was engineered to do.👎🏻

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35 minutes ago, MS Datsun said:

If you have any leads to a disc kit, I’d love to invest. 

Blue hands made the the nicest kit....


You can look up silver mine motors...


And Beebani1028 on ebay.... I have his brackets on my 521.... 

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Mike at Bluehands kit will allow my wheels to be used. Unfortunately I’m have trouble finding hubs for an 81-85 4X2, 620-720. If anyone has a lead, I’ll take it.

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