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No start after off roading

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While off roading I started up a rocky hill and started bouncing. I was stupid and pushed the truck hard and in the end I broke both tie rod ends, and blew the beads on both front tires. I got the truck off the trail, and it may have stalled out at that point but it was running until then.

I returned a week later installed the new tie rods and spare tires with no problem. When I went to start the truck it would not start.

SO it turns over strong, but I am not getting any fuel or spark from what I can tell. I hot wired the fuel pump and it works. with that hot wired it sill will not fire, and I have tried a new coil and ignitor with no luck. I am getting SOME power to the distributor but not out and I am not sure its high enough voltage. The rotor turns and all the connections inside the distributor look good.  I have tried a new safety relay located in the passenger side kick plate and still no change

I feel like there is something I am missing. something electrical because it was running when this all happened and it sat for a week totally unmolested.  

Can anyone give me some guidance or a clue.

Thank you

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STOP. don't replace things that may be working properly. In most cases the factory part is superior quality. You might also put a bad part in. Find the problem... fix the problem... in that order.


Test for spark..

Pull each wire from the coil out of the distributor cap, stick a plug in the end and hold plug tightly against a grounded surface. Try to start the engine. Got spark??? Both coils??? What did you get?

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I wasn't paying attention and sent my 521 airborne once while ripping down a trail. Truck quit. Blew a couple of fuses, (yet otherwise nothing wrong) wrapped with cigarette foil, kept going. (I don't smoke)

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So I got the seat out and tried to get some codes from the ECU. I got NOTHING. turn the ignition on flip the little switch on the ECU and look for the lights to flash. NOTHING. I am thinking I am not getting power to the ECU.

If you had read my first post I know I am not getting fuel or spark and when I hot wire the fuel pump it works. All the factory parts are on the truck but it seemed like a good idea to try a new coil and ignitor from u-pick-it because it was twenty bucks instead of seventy plus. As  you may know the V6 has a power transistor on the bracket and a mechanic told me if that goes out it may not send a signal to the fuel pump because its all connected to the ECU. that's why I gave it a shot with no luck.

If the ECU isn't giving me anything at all how do I check my power to the ECM harness? I have tried sever times now. key on flip little switch wait.... nothing. or Key off flip switch then key and still nothing. Could I have killed the ECU?? seems unlikely as its SUPER simple so I don't think mega bounce would have killed it. is there a relay or a connection that I am missing? my fuse box is good across the board power on or off.

And if the ECUs not getting any power would it turn over?? it turns over strong still but I would think with the ECU dead it wouldn't. 


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You're hoping to win the lottery throwing parts at it. Unless obviously broken you can't tell if something electrical is working or not. It's good advice. Or just keep replacing things till it starts working.


Be sure engine is thoroughly warmed up first.

Make sure mode selector is OFF

Turn engine off

Turn ignition switch to ON (not start)

Both RED and GREEN inspection lamps should light and stay on


If you don't have this there's no sense going further till you do


Go and buy a $5 12v test light so we can check the inputs.




I'm not familiar with the D21 but find the 3 fusible links attached to the positive battery cable. Two browns and a green. Ground your test lamp and touch the far side of each link. Must have 12 v on all.


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Your not really reading my posts are you?

How can I make sure the engine is warmed up when it wont start?

Also I told you I turned the ignition on then flipped the switch to Diagnose and NOTHING happened at all ever. even after several attempts.

The engine will turn over. NO spark OR fuel.

Also  20 dollars in parts coil and safety relay after a week of diagnosing it is not throwing parts at it. 

interestingly enough though I did look at the battery. there is a plug coming off of the positive terminal with 4 wires 2 green 2 red. on one end (At batt) is two plugs with a green and a red wire paired into a terminal when they come out they go to a four plug connector each with there own terminals I don't know how or why but both read wires have been cut. there is a good two inches of wire missing. This truck lived a trucks life and there are some connectors just hanging in space and she has run with them like that. SO this maybe a old cut for lights or radio and I am just now seeing it or someone could have messed with the truck while it was on the trail. the wires look old the cuts look new. I am going to see if I can rebuild it or splice something in. 

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thanks its just sad that some one messed with the truck while it was out there. 

Next I have to fix everything I messed up while death bouncing. I bent other steering parts and lost the lug nuts on the driver side when we lost a tire during the chain tow home. it was a 16 hour adventure to get it out of there.

after I get it mobile I am going to double down and go custom build. I am thinking cyberpunk.

I will post as I go here. She is a dame good truck no reason to move on to another project. 

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