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4 hours ago, angliagt said:

           I like that idea. Did the Salvation Army do something to deserve that?

What did I miss?


I almost felt bad for walking by a kettle yesterday and not dropping something in it. I mostly felt bad for the person ringing the bell, I am sure they have no clue as to what the SA is doing. But, screw them! 




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From 9 till 15 I smoked the very odd time usually when a teen Friday nites at the movies but it didn't catch on. When I was 15 my mom noticed and suggested smoking indoors as outdoors you could be caught and there were repercussions for minors doing this. My mom was a pro lighting one cigarette in the morning and turkey fucking one after another till bedtime. I felt like a tool smoking around her and stopped right away. When younger it was playing with matches and later it was to look grown up but I never enjoyed it and never craved it. When I think of my mom it's her sitting still reading with a cigarette with an inch and a half 'heater' on the end that falls off in her lap when she looks up. 'Blast it' she would say. The ash tray always full of lipstick covered butts.


There were 4 or 5 channels on TV with one or two Canadian (CBC would be one) any others were US stations and nothing but analgesics and cigarette ads.

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