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11 hours ago, Dav said:

Ha! Jerry Brown was governor from 1974 to 1982 when prop 13 passed (78). You should thank him for prop 13.  I think he’s living on a farm north of Sacramento.


              Pot farm?

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5 hours ago, john510 said:

If i remember correctly it wasn't Brown that came up with the plan.Do Howard Jarvis and Paul Gann ring a bell ? Brown had nothing to do with it except for maybe signing it into law.That proposition was voted on by the citizens after Jarvis got the ball rolling.Jerry Brown can kiss my ass.


                  I miss those days when you could vote on things,& the majority ruled.

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I live about 1/2 mile from Pacific Coast Highway, and about 10 miles South of the Port at Long Beach.  I took a drive down there the other day, and about a half mile off shore it looks like a cargo ship pileup.  There are now over 100 Cargo ships with an average wait of (I read somewhere) 10 days to get unloaded.


If Biden says he's getting the port to prioritize unloading, there's no sign of life from here..  


Maybe he needs to get Kamala down there because she's handling things so well..




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44 minutes ago, Mattndew76 said:

I am condemning myself to hell for how much I hate and loath these people in office.

Your not going to have to travel there soon, I heard Satan was looking to relocate up here due to the high volume of politicians, gov bureaucrats and media he is expecting to see, just trying to keep hell unpolluted with too much of that sort of shit. 

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16 hours ago, Str8jacket said:

Don't discriminate, hate both.


unfortunately the same set of strings appears to be pulling left and right. 

A few rhinos on the right yes are pulling same strings, But I still hate the left with a passion.Your country is fucked up worse then ours it seems.

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