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The American people were at best virtual participants in today’s inaugural. It was a purely staged media event for the elite. All other Americans were invited to watch from afar, very afar.


Rudy Guliani just tweeted

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I lost my FREEDOMS in a tragic VOTING ACCIDENT.

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12 hours ago, angliagt said:

           "Two thumbs up" for Bernie?


I have a suggestion for a different finger to use...


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6 minutes ago, Jesse C. said:


What does this have to do with this thread? 


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Be careful what you ask for!  You just might get more than you asked for.  The Rheinland Palitinate was part of German speaking region of Checzoslovakia seized by Hitler.  The German speaking population were happy to reunite with the Fatherland, until they realized Nazi power came with it.  They soon learned their lesson.  BTW, "freedom" in 1945 came at a price.  They disappeared behind the Iron Curtain.

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Rheinland Palitinate is a state in southwest Germany bordering France and Belgium, Luxembourg. These are probably prisoners from that area released to return home based on the dates shown at each reel of film, some of them show Death camp tattoos to the camera.

Why Jahva put it here I dunno

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