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5 minutes ago, Mattndew76 said:

Honestly speaking If ANTIFA would stop calling them Nazi's and seeking communist control, they could align in a very powerful group against the government.  

well "antifa" as a group doesn't exist. The goal of antifascists is to stand up to and fight back against oppressive forces, especially the pigs. The Capitol attack was one of the few instance where I saw law enforcement acting as police and not being pigs. The CHP is another such instance.


I espouse liberty not totalitarianism, I am more of a social democrat than a true communist. I actually think real Nazis were pretty cool besides their bigotry, intent to take over the world, fascism, and being led by a total lunatic. I may have forgotten a few drawbacks. These guys today are neo-Nazis.

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2 hours ago, Mattndew76 said:


Trump got his biggest amount of voter support from the populist Bernie jump. Not from the GOP. 


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4 hours ago, Mattndew76 said:


This is how I see you Tr8er after seeing some of your positions.

It’s interesting to see.  I think the thing that riled you most is when you placed in the BLM.  I almost saw some, as I had Rage tix this summer in Minneapolis.  That would have been interesting. (Cancelled).    But I loath the use in comparison.  Possibly a “triggering” thing after years of seeing so much “but they did this” “that was even worse” as a defense.  Not just right or left, but people in general seem to have lost the ability to take accountability.  I’ll preach it now, you’ll preach it later.  It’s old.  

I might duck out for a bit.  Too much screen time.  

sincerely hoping 2021 ends above 2020.  

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I hate hypocrites the most...



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15 hours ago, datzenmike said:

Ginger is still alive.

I prefer Mary Ann. Even as an old blister she still gets my motor running.



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1 minute ago, iceman510 said:


Where is this table from?  

Peter Navarro report page 3, full report here:

https://img1.wsimg.com/blobby/go/be36dc6d-0df4-4c20-addf-fca72be46150/The Navarro Report Volume III Final 1.13.21-0001.pdf

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Looks like time to buy some stock! Maybe give it a few more days. Facebook has developed such an addictive product people won't stay away for long. I do have a facebook account but forgot the password years ago and really had no desire to go back, but with addition of Facebook marketplace and a slow decline in craigslist at some point I guess I will join the fray. I think Facebook's biggest danger to the company is that they have proven they are a monopoly and can shut down many folks method of communicating. The gov may come after them for antitrust issues. They are a massive company but that comes with a massive target on their back. This dip in stock is a drop in the bucket.

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6 hours ago, bottomwatcher said:

Facebook marketplace and a slow decline in craigslist at some point I guess I will join the fray.


Not too long ago on this site there were mass protests about classified Ad's and how the new ones sucked.

I feel that way about Farcical books market place, Craigs we all know was time limited but FB hides shit from you. I've experienced it looking for something I knew I'd seen and no matter how I searched for day's it wouldn't come up, when at a friends house I told them I had suspicions and they searched it right up and said hey its here!

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42 minutes ago, bananahamuck said:

 Separated because of size 


Damn. Looks like Mother Nature has decided you need a convertible 1200 now.

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