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keeps blowing headlight fuses

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Quick question why every time that i turn on my headlights it blows both the right and left fuses ??? 😩

 i dont know why i didn't touch anything like wires or anything . all the rest of the lights work just fine.. not even my high  bems work.. 😣

 Any help or tips.. CAN I STILL DRIVE IT ??

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You probably have short to ground somewhere.. but you're gonna have to get in there and start tracing wires. Did you work on the truck recently? Even if not wiring related.

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clean the contacks on the fuse and reaseat the lamp connectors.


of blows fuse again then only hook up one lamp and see if it blows, maybe lamp shorts out but never seen such a thing if anything it goes OPEN with a ohm meter.


all connection good at the power lug at starter where it getsit power from , tight?

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ok for sure once i get home its wierd everything was ok the other day and all of a sudden fuses are blown hopefully is something simple and easy. But u can still drive it right ?? 

thanks guys appreciat🙏e ill keep you guys updated 

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Power from the two fuses go to the headlamp switch, and when turned on, go to left and right headlamps. High or low beams are selected by a relay that grounds the other side of the lamp to turn them on. So the problem is between the fuses and the headlamps and not on the other side of them.


Try to find the 8 pin lighting switch plug near/under the steering column. It will have the following wires on it...


Red/Black (stripe)






Red/Blue and Red/Yellow are for the parking, clearance, side marker, tail lights and license plate lamps.


Unplug and try. If the fuses still blow then at least you know the problem is NOT the switch or anywhere out to the headlamps, but is towards the fuse box. If it doesn't blow then it's the headlamp switch or towards the lamps. 


I can see one fuse blowing but both??? Both must share a common grounding to the chassis

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Sway bar links replacement. Did the same myself yesterday on my 710. Think... were you under the hood? were you under the dash or steering column?

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