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Fusible link


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So I’ve been working on the 720, rebuilt the carburetor and removed most of the vacuum lines.


Now I’m looking for this holy grail of a part




It is the “main” fusible link that pops on to the positive post and goes to the alternator, ignition switch etc. 


The existing wiring is pretty bootleg, and so I figured if anyone had a lead on a part like this, or a creative idea to make something work.



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Do you have the old one? Fusible links by Nissan are color coded for the amperage they can handle.


Black is 80 amps

Green is 40 amps.


You can buy fusible link wire at auto parts or auto electrical stores and make your own. They may not match Nissan's colors so go by the rating.

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I tried to match the original wiring, and where that was not possible, I checked the gauge size of the load side and scaled the fusible link accordingly. I feel a lot better about this.





Next is the tachometer. Only gauge that isn’t working. I’ve tested the resistor which comes out OK. That is as far as I’ve got. Do you have to remove the instrument panel to remove the tach?


Ive noticed that the bulk of the problems with this seem to be a bad tach.



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Just now, jamesh said:

Yes! It was just a bunch of random spliced copper wire before, now it is the fusible link.


As far as I could tell from my research, the wires were all tied together in the main harness and that was linked directly to the positive, so that’s what I did with the copper ring terminal.

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