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Car dies at idle

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My 510 had been running great recently until this week it developed an issue where when I start it it dies unless I keep the revs up. It went from idling then slowly dying and now it won’t idle at all unless I keep my foot on the gas. 

I changed out the fuel filter tonight as the old one was accumulating a good amount of gas in it, 3/4 or more full, whereas before, it was maybe 1/4 of the way full.


Any ideas what it could be? Maybe a bad fuel pump? 

Currently running an L20 with dual Webers 

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If it runs when revs how could it be the fuel pump??????

Im not a DCOE expert but I would open the top and click the jet blocks and actually see if they screwed in tight

the fuel filter is a misnomer. Don’t go by how full it is.open the old one up and see how much dirt is on there.510s  tanks are pretty clean as it’s in the trunk and maybe some rust.trucks have more issues as it’s a exposed tank and fuel line in wheel well.


I don’t know how long you owned this or wrench on this but a would Cheack the valve lash if you haven’t checked it or make sure the intake and carb bolts are snug



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Sudden unexplained failure to idle is almost always (for me) a vacuum line fell off.


Carburetors on tight? Intake tight?




Did/do you have a brake booster?


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No brake booster. It’s a manual. 

I changed out the plugs and wires yesterday (hoping it was something simple) and it idled better...would stay on maybe 15 seconds before dying, but stays on as long as my right foot is the cold start. Once it gets up to temp it won’t rev past 3k rpm and dies without me giving it revs.  

Thankfully it’s not smoking or anything. 

Is there a guide anywhere of how I check the carbs or vacuum lines. I’m not too familiar with either but definitely open to learning 

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You check the jet blocks?


otherwise you might as well change the rear tail light bulb.

start at carb first

then work back to intake, valve lash 

distributor timing,

vacuum line? How many is there beside maybe a brake booster or to the distributor.


im not a DCOE expert but maybe pull out the jet block as a pc of dirt could clog it up if your fuel filter was really bad if you cut it open


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On top of carb should be a screw or butterfly on webers that holds a cover and then one can see the jet tubes inside.


only thing I can’t figure out if one block is plugged I think it should still run on 3 other cylinders so I’m at a loss.


i had a inner Venturi go loose but I lost  top end power. My jet block works loose every now and then also but I still have idle

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