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Best way to ship an engine?

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I shipped the front half of a 1995 300zx to my house. The seller handled freight but I believe it was Oak Harbor Freight that did the delivery. They didn't even charge me a lift fee, but that was luck I suppose. It shipped on two long pallets and was about $200 for about 450 miles. That was about 10 years ago, so maybe tack on another $100. 


For an engine, you would be looking at freight for sure. You''ll need to get it on a pallet and get a weight. Then just call around for a quote. 


Are you looking for a particular engine? You could call an engine importer to see if they have one and they could give you a pretty solid quote for shipping since they do it all the time. 



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I use a shipping broker at work. 






They need size, weight, and description and will return shipping quotes pretty quick.  They will need to know if you need a lift truck or if you have a fork lift at each end.  They may or may not have distribution facilities that you can pick up from if you have no way to unload the freight.




Alternatively, there are lots of private driving/freight/trucking services on craigslist and such but use with caution.

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You can also try fastenal. They ship freight from their location nearest the shipper to the nearest location to you. You have to deliver it to them and pick it up. They want it  palletized or crated.  For us they have been the cheapest shipping.

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