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weber 32/36 conversion woes


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Read my post above.  I run nothing but Webers and have been doing so since the early 70s. I would order throttle shaft and roller bearings and install them while you have the carb off.  The Itallian made Webers are rare now.  I have been buying new Webers for about the last 10 years for my trucks.  Years ago I would buy used Webers from the junk yards.  Also would buy SUs for my Harleys from the junk yards.

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Better late than never.


tested for vacuum leaks and everything was good.


i installed redline part no. 99007.115

it is a throttle adapter kit. I want to do a write up on this, and how I installed it, but I cannot say enough positive things about it. This took my truck from being something incredibly difficult to drive, to having an accelerator pedal that feathers like a dream. No roller bearings needed, at least not yet.


it was relatively easy to install, and it repositioned the throttle pull toward the driver side of the truck (factory has it pulling toward the passenger side). Only slight modification necessary. 


truck running pretty wel, none of the solenoid cut offs I bought seem to thread into my

carburetor, the choke assembly is way to close, and the thread size for the primary choke is the same as the secondary,

so maybe there is no part for this particular carburetor. Any leads on this would be helpful.


still dieseling but suspecting that jets need to be adjusted slightly, possibly downsizing the idle stream, and even the main jet to make a more lean condition.


will post on throttle adapter soon!

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