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I decided to bust out another thousand and got a boat

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So I bought a brand new Bennington 21 SLX They MSRP just shy of 40k but I got it for 28k.  One of the few things the virus was good for is lowering prices.  Been on the water all the time as I have no idea how long gas is going to stay at 1.50 a gallon.   I know I know the rule is post a pic but honestly I hooked it up to my truck and went straight out to the lave and didn't think about even taking one.  Figured since I'm still "tele-working" might as well do it from the water 😄

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Yeah Virginia's only rule is you cant tie boats together to have a floating party but other than that we can be on the water.  Hopefully they will open you guys up there soon as the weather is starting to get nice out least down here anyway so I imagine its around the corner up there.

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I can but its fuel injected and the mfr recommends e-10 or less.  They have both e-10 and no e-free at the dock. I have put in both it really just depends what pump is open as to what I use.  The E free is around 2.50 so still cheap. 

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I have a 1997 Ski Nautique, with 2778.1 hours on it.



Here in Oregon, it has been hard to find ethanol free gasoline, so I have been running E-10 since the boat was new.

When I drain and change the fuel filter, with E-10, I almost never find any water. 


My theory, and I cannot prove it.  If you switch to E-10 on a boat that has not had E-10, especially on a boat that is not used much, switching to E-10 will cause problems.  This is why, I think.  If you have a significant amount of water in the fuel tank and you switch to E-10, the alcohol will dissolve in the water, and separate out.  The alcohol and water mix going into the engine will mess it up.  However, if the amount if water is minimal, compared to the amount of alcohol, the alcohol will dissolve the small amount of water, but still stay dissolved in the gasoline, and then runs through the engine without causing problems.


Use fuel stabilizer when you lay the boat up for the winter.

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Yeah from what I saw on dirt bikes and small power equipment is the lines would dry out and crack and/or just about all the brass in a carburetor would corrode leading to plugged jets and floats that sunk.  I also found that adding stabil to e-10 gas would cause the brass to corrode faster.  I assume this is why they now have a stabil for e-10 and one for e-free?  I stopped using it years ago after I had to replace a carb on a 4 wheeler that only sat for a month.  EFI engines run a different type of fuel line due to the pressure and no brass at all.  Not saying they are impervious to the ethanol but certainly more resistant


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