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door lock issues

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i have installed two new key locks on my passenger door and im still having issues to get it to lock, i have removed the panels and and check that everything was connected and in place but im still having issues , when i turn the key to the lock postion i see that the rod will not click into the down position but does fine when i turn it to the open position 

any ideas to fix the issue?

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 I've fought with 620 door locks a lot. With the door card or panel off try hosing everything down with WD-40 and work all the linkages. Pull the door lock button up and down repeatedly.

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The grease on the door lock mechanism is 43 years old as I write this, and had also had that long to accumulate dirt and grime.

Taking the the door lock mechanism out of the door, and cleaning all the old grease off it, and relubricating with fresh grease will help it work much better

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Get a small can [cat food or small olives], soak the assembly in brake cleaner, agitate and air dry.  Lube with Remington Gun Oil, it doesn't dry out.  It will work.  I have fixed 80 year old German wall clocks like this.

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