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Smashed my 521

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1 hour ago, vicdat said:

FYI - On my old 521 back in the day (late 70's), one of my kingpins broke on the Long Beach Freeway...I muscled if off the road. It turned-out that the Zirk fitting for it was never drilled-out all the way from the factory and it never got any grease.....



That could have been the case, but I'd be willing to bet that the actual problem was that the bushings were not oriented correctly to line up with the holes.  In effect, the exact same issue.  I know it's a technicality, but for anyone doing their own kingpin rebuilds, they need to line the holes up.  I wonder if there's a chance that the bushing got dry and stuck to the pin.....and then rotated in the casting...?  I'm glad you posted that Vicdat.....it's something I've never come across and never thought about happening.  If I ever do any more rebuild vids about kingpins, I'll bring that up for owners to look for.  :)

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Been cleaning up the fender area

drilling out the lamp bucket screws all 4 bad

got 2 brake lines a 51 & 40 in 3/8x24. 3-16 line from napa

pass side rear red lens broke of but housing still there

my pass side marker looks ok but is rotted out and bulb housing broke right there
I have 510 ones but the spacing and lens is slightly different 

was wondering if anybody can clone the 521/510 ect.. housings using a 3D printer and use the  Ford/GM 194 bulbs which has the 2 wires.as the lamps seem to rot out in the metal housing And can’t get the light out.

I had been hacksawing the bulb bucket out Of the Rotted Datsun housings then replaced with a new bulb socket and JB welded to the housing that rotted but the bucket is new so one can replace the bulb but the GM 194 sockets are plastic and won’t rust.

my housing is like totally rotted.

if any body knows a link for 521 marker light please post. I need a red lens or I will just use a rear 510 and drill into the fender on one side and make it work as the 510 one is slightly longer than the 521

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swapped out the pass side Kingpins as hey were worn. EZ


did the driver side and find out the lower Fulcrum pin is stuck in the spindal housing. I need to Sawzall pin to get that out. Then find out the upper A arm 2 links that bolt to the upper spindal  and to the body of the truckwhere, the bushing  End caps up  are wiggling , So now these are shot. FUCK

521s are just a PAIN compared to a simple 510.  I wished I got a 78/79 620 kingcab thinking about it now but in the day


Im down to my last 521 Fulcrum pin and upper links to body.   Anybody have anyspares?????  I got 2 recs out now see who has what(more local)


also the bleed screw is stuck in the clyninder block that it screw into,and remove both together and trying to get the bleed screw out is not working with Vicegrips(BPBlaster/heat)  I ordered 2 new Japan wheels cylinders from ebay and it has the all the pieces unlike the Rockauto stuff  so Ill just use the block with the cruchwashers with the new bleed screw and save the cylinder for later as I don't want to attempt to brake the soft line hooked up the the wheel cylinder

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521 side marker lights share a lot of common parts with other Datsuns, even for years after the 521 was no longer made.  About the only part on the marker light assembly that is unique to a 521 is the rubber base.  The wires need to be longer on the front 521 side marker lights because the connector for the light is inside the engine compartment.


If you have a lamp that is stuck in the housing on a 521 or any other Datsun with this style of side marker, break the bulb, and then with a small punch, or a pick hammer, break the ceramic out of the bulb base that was used to glue the bulb glass to the bulb base.  Then crush, or squeeze the metal base in from two points 180 degrees across from each other.  You may be able to do this with a pair of needle nose pliers.   After squeezing the two sides of the lamp base together, the overall diameter of the lamp base will shrink, and usually can then be easily removed from the marker light socket.

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A 510 guy that lives near me.

Hes my local help when I need him.

I help him out on 510 parts. So he helps if I’m hurting. He is rarely on here.Name is Derick.


New kingpins spindals and upper links on driver side .new brake line to rear that was rusted.


just got the brakes adjusted.

be able to roll pretty soon

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ebay has these and comes with Y blocks. try to get the ones already in US as most come from Thailand.


the fronts sold thru Rockauto don't come with the bleed blocks.  You use the old one. it comes with new set of crush washers


sAYS FOR 521


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Just to confirm by going off the car parts website the y bleed housing part number is 41130-14800 or 41130-14810? I called my local Nissan dealer and found something under one of those number that could be shipped from Japan, but I want to confirm that is the correct number if anyone can help that would be great.

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