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Any photos of 620s with 15x8 and wheel spacers?


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I’m looking to change up the wheel and tire setup for my truck, and I want to go wide with flares. I originally wanted to get 15x10s, but I’m having trouble finding anything decent in my area. (Anyone have some 15x10s they want to sell in Eugene Oregon? I’m willing to drive if need be). 

Anyways, I found some 15x8 D-slot wheels, and I was thinking about getting them, and then running 2 inch spacers. That would also make tire selection a bit easier. Any pics? Thanks!

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These are 15 X 8 GM rally type wheels. I have run this kind of wheel for many years. Speedway Motors sells them cheap.IMG-1942.jpg

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When you get some tires please let us know your final decision on size, and post some pictures of the tires on your pickup. I'm a ways from doing anything, but I'm a visual person and that would be a big help to me.



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On 7/10/2020 at 2:41 PM, ducky said:

Mine are Toyo Proxes R888 in 225/50-15. Wheels are https://www.jegs.com/i/Wheel-Vintiques/939/12-5006042/10002/-1


I had to get them stretched onto the rims, since that's what I was after. I don't think many, or any corporate owned franchise places will stretch for you anymore.




Do your front wheels rub at all?

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2 hours ago, PHXDatsun said:

Do your front wheels rub at all?


Nope. It's the same backspacing, or super close, as stock. I know that doesn't automatically mean they'll work, but it helps

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