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Side drafts for 620 ??? Best options ??

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Been wanting to put side drafts on, curious about best brand options and ways of obtaining please help 1974 620 short bed

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You'll need an intake that fits what ever you decide on.

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40 mm mikunis short manifold if you can find a set.

back in the day it was a hole kit with a mikuni marked manifold. no more new ones.


Weber’s dcoe are still sold new

i think there is a “OEM”brand that uses like Weber jets but is made in Japan all cost


i has 2sets 44s sold them for 1200$ 3 yrs ago

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Do they come in 38mm size? That's 1.5" and the A87 intake ports are only 1.25 to begin with.


No matter how short the intake the Webers and Mikuni carbs are too long and there's air horn and air cleaner clearance problems with the brake booster. Some single side drafts have long and short runners (look like a basket of snakes) trying to get the 1342 firing order. The dual side drafts often have two bends like an S to raise the carbs up.

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Hunt down a Mikuni 'short' manifold, if you can....



Here is the info I tracked down of different L4 manifolds:

TWM = 110 mm/(4 5/16")
Mikuni = 75 mm
 (2 15/16")
RS Compe = 110 mm/(4 3/8")
Hayashi = ?
Harada = ?
FET Kyokuto = 104 mm/(4 1/4")
Nissan Comp = 110 mm/(4 3/8")
Shokei = ?
Kameari = ?
Redline = 140 mm/(5 1/2")
Weber = ?
Cannon = 141 mm/(5 9/16")
SK Racing = 110 mm/(4 3/8")
Lynx = 122 mm/(4 13/16")
Off the wall no name that looks like a Lynx = 124 mm/(4 7/8")

Anyone want to help fill in the info I'm missing? 

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There also was a company

that used the old SU manifold but a newer mikuni motor cycle carb that had a accel pump. I think had a 38mm option. Or get the smaller option

So it not a true dual choke like a Phh or Dcoe but should be more drivable

however the company had a bad rap so I don’t know what happen. But I think I seen a British MGB place do the same thing maybe you can find this maybe GDaux or Stoffg know more on this

Wish I still had my SU manifold but gave it away


put in Mikuni HSR carb Datsun 510 and a photo will pop up some where of one installed


be honest I don’t know why people don’t use these more often and sell them.in the Datsun world esp the Z car guys.i must be missing something


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18 hours ago, datzenmike said:

 The dual side drafts often have two bends like an S to raise the carbs up.


Must be it but I don't get why. This is at the widest point on the booster and right in the middle line of the master. Why not straight out from the head with a 120 bend to level and point under the master? 

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