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wheels size (again)

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I want to change my wheels. My car is a 77 with drums in front. Wheels are 14x6, tires 185/75/R14.

The car is probably 1" lowered (one missing leaf in the back and no blocks).


I'm planing to go for this type of rim Goss Modular (I will maybe paint the center part in black actually).

There's different size but I will probably go for 15x7 ET-6 or 15x8 ET-25.


My questions :

1. Is 15x8 ET-25 too large with my drums (I don't want to have the wheel outside the truck at all) ?

2. Is 16/7 ET0 a better solution ?

3. Which size should I consider for tires ? I don't want to stretch them at all. 


Thank you,



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Not at all familiar with European tire sizing. You will want to stay at the stock diameter so performance and speedometer remain unaffected. The big consideration is setback or offset so the rim is inside the fender. Zero offset places the wheel mounting surface (WMS) in the middle of the rim with equal amounts of tire on either side. Positive offset moves the WMS in towards the vehicle causing the tire to be pushed outward possibly conflicting with the fender. Negative offset moves the WMS away from the vehicle placing the tire inward possibly hitting frame or suspension. FDD vehicles tend to have negative offset rims.

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Go to Willtheyfit.com and put in the specs for your stock setup and then the wheel and tire combos you're considering. It will show/tell you down to a fractional mm what the difference in poke/diameter will be and then you can physically measure on your truck from there. 

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On the wheels listed in the link, the offset, or Deport in French, is the key to proper fitment. If you want to be absolutely sure they will fit, you need to measure your old wheels to use as a baseline.


Measuring offset can be tricky, but it can be made easier by using a cheap offset measuring tool, like this one I bought off Amazon. https://www.amazon.ca/Wheel-Offset-Backspace-Gauge-Thomas/dp/B01N5YGMDX


Wheel Offset and Backspace Gauge (Thomas Tool) Ruler, Gauge Sets ...


There are more expensive tools, and you can even just use a straight edge and a measuring stick, but this tool makes it easier.

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On 4/29/2020 at 2:28 PM, datzenmike said:

You will want to stay at the stock diameter so performance and speedometer remain unaffected.

That is the #1 consideration. A larger diameter rim will certainly offer ample clearance for bigger brakes etc. An alloy wheel will also save you some weight over a stock steel wheel. As Datzenmike noted, the offset becomes critical to prevent fender contact, not only with suspension articulation but also becomes limiting with your ability to turn the tires far enough without contacting the inner front fender. As long as you choose your tire & rim combo correctly, you won't create an adverse situation.


See this post for additional info:


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Back then a 620 tire was 6.00 X14, Today that would be a 175/70R14 and 23.65" diameter

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