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In need of a new heater control valve


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3 hours ago, Goemon said:

NOS R-14 valves
arm throw needs a mod.
I am not making them
They are on Ebay



got a link?

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The rest of the valves made it after customs covid delay.
Bulk Lot of 15
Maybe 5 more left for sale on the net.
You gonna have to search real hard , a promise is a promise, Right ?
You're Goddamned Right


Datsun Water OUTLET  R 14 VALVES 010.JPG

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It does not attach to the heater box. (Unless you do what I am doing) Datsun Stainless Plate pic730910111_RATTYCOCK009.thumb.JPG.f5225e647d76334bff74933927f4e59c.JPG595989676_DATSUNSTAINLESSPLATE.thumb.jpg.a1056eb3a54227f33ae09894be974201.jpg
The hoses will keep it in place.
You may have to cut 1/2" off the valve end of the horizontal hose
to bring the valve forward a bit to keep the arm from hitting  the firewall
All else is a drop in fit. These can be taken apart and the oring changed.
Just make sure you controls are set to OFF, hold the valve closed and add the cable & clip
I only have 5 left. There are only about 5 more in the world I know of for sale
These are the ONLY  90° pull to close heat valves I found in 6 months of searching.
You will not find anything closer to this unless it is a Nissan Valve, OPEL is close but very expensive.|
I don't come here much. Easier to find me in the Datsun groups on FB




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Other option is to buy a 240Z valve from Nissan, disassemble & stuff the NEW 240Z internal parts into your OLD 620 valve.  I have done lots of 510 valves this way..........

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