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I got 'hit and run' today

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... by a 4Runner... emphasis on the "Runner."  I was returning from a grocery store 2-mile-round-trip and this guy was so eager to beat his oncoming traffic, he cut the corner on his turn waaaaaaay early, and clipped me in the process. I didn't see any brake lights in my rear view mirror, so I turned around to track him down. I'm new to the area and the streets around here are very non-grid. I saw him duck into a side street, but by the time I made it there, he was out of sight onto one of the next side streets. He was definitely "4Running" from me. 


I've got dashcam footage of him hitting me, and you can make out most of his license plate... and I'm sure it'd be no effort for police to fill in the blanks with a database search of "4Runner + W??639" license plate number. I debated calling the non-emergency police number and reporting the hit & run, but I have many many many many years of disappointment with police reports that don't get much effort put into them, and so all I'd really accomplish is getting MY face and MY vehicle in the back of their minds (not that I drive poorly or break traffic laws... just that I long ago came to the conclusion that interacting with police for anything is rarely in the "interactor's" interest. Also, it pushed my bumper in but it's something I should be able to tweak back out without much effort. I didn't see any scrapes in the chrome, just lost gap between bumper and fender (down to about 1/16" as opposed to other side, which is about 1"). And I'm not going to file an insurance claim for that, which would also just be a waste of time.


So instead, I'm posting here for entertainment purposes. You can make out most of the license plate. If anyone in the area knows who this person is, feel free to remind him that, in Oregon, leaving the scene of an accident is a Class A misdemeanor, punishable by up to 1 year in jail, and fines up to $6250, plus restitution to the victim. Probably not a place he wants to be if I change my mind and file a police report.










Also, unrelated side note... for anyone in the area, note the 2-door 510 on the right of the road. I see the car every time I go to the grocery store, and I've stopped once just to "talk Datsuns," but was "greeted" by a grumpy neighbor repeatedly barking, "IT'S NOT FOR SALE." There's often an orange 720 parked there as well.







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I suspect if you were to pick another day and wait there that truck will show up at some point, i bet it has been thru that intersection a bunch of times.


It appeared to me that you went past the white line on the ground a little when you stopped, but that will not really make a difference now as the guy didn't stop.

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8 minutes ago, wayno said:

I suspect if you were to pick another day and wait there that truck will show up at some point, i bet it has been thru that intersection a bunch of times.


It appeared to me that you went past the white line on the ground a little when you stopped, but that will not really make a difference now as the guy didn't stop.


True, you actually have to. The line is so far back, you can't see ANYTHING because you're still on the hill (the video obscures the way the intersection is because the camera has a very "narrow" perspective. If you were sitting there looking with your own eyes, it would make perfect sense where you have to stop before you can see anything. Frankly, it's a pretty unsafe intersection because it's so blind on the side street I'm on.). You'll notice the silver car coming up on my right near the end of the video... that's how far you have to pull up to see any traffic coming from the right. The left side is only slightly better.



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8 hours ago, wayno said:



It appeared to me that you went past the white line on the ground a little when you stopped, but that will not really make a difference now as the guy didn't stop.


Yeah, have to agree you blew the stop bar. He would have missed you otherwise. Live in learn, it could be worse with you getting a ticket and paying for his damage.

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It sucks the guy ran on you but i see that as more of your own fault than the other guys.He was already on his turn and then you crossed the white line.If you were at the line or behind it i don't think he would have hit you.I wouldn't bother showing this video to the police,they're going to blame you.

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Blind intersections like this really need a stop light, not a stop sign, to be safe. Now, I’ve watched the video about 5 times, and this is what I see: 2 violations and potentially...a 3rd. If a police officer would have witnessed this accident, I believe, most likely, both parties, would be receiving citations. Of course, the officer always has discretion. 

In order of occurrence:

1. Running the stop sign (potentially): Not stopping behind the line. 

2. Lane encroachment: The 4Runner had the right of way. 


3. Leaving the scene of an accident. 

The best thing to do (if possible) is to avoid blind intersections, such as this one. 




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Lights are not a viable option. If you stop the video when the truck is at the stop bar you can see at least 3-4 vehicle lengths to the right. The other truck had control of the intersection as you are obliged to stop, and had set up his turn to pass the outer side of the stop bar and would have easily missed you. Only reason he may not have stopped is no license, DUI, maybe no insurance hell maybe the truck is stolen. You dodged a bullet here.



Signal your intent to turn as you approach and stop at the stop bar. Look in all directions and if no one is intending to turn and intersection clear, pull forward slowly giving the other drivers and yourself time to react to any changing conditions. When and if clear complete your turn. Hey, I don't always stop at stop bars when I should but it's always because there are no cars coming. But I do always stop, .... never "It's close enough" and then roll through the turn. My work partner would always complain about it.

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I appreciate all the analysis of my driving, and I expected it. But I'm pretty surprised at the hot takes on someone fleeing the scene of an accident being the victim. I'm a grown up, and have no problem taking responsibility for my own actions (as Kathy Bates' character in Fried Green Tomatoes says, "I'm older and I have more insurance.")... and I fully understand the nature and function of stop lines. I am the person in my family who drives the speed limit, signals religiously, and (generally) 'colors inside the lines'... including stop lines. And, as I previously alluded to, the camera lacks the ability to capture perspective accurately... especially the 3-dimensionality of the locale. If any of you were standing at that intersection in real life, you'd retract your "visibility/distance" analyses on the spot. 


Here are some pics I took today... no video because I was in another vehicle. I am sitting appropriately at the stop line. It is set so far back, you cannot see ANYTHING to the right (worse, and not shown, is to the right is a hill... so 4Runner boy was speeding up a blind hill, then cutting every inch of the corner off the intersection, turning in front of oncoming traffic, and then fleeing the scene. Definitely the victim.


First pic... The front of my truck is 18' back from the actual intersection (I measured it).

Second pic... this is my view to the right from the stop line. You cannot see a car until it is on top of you.

Third pic... a panorama so you know I'm not playing camera angle games on pic two. There's a sliver of a Prius in the middle of the pic that came out of nowhere during the 3 seconds it took to pan the picture. 


Anyway, enjoy.








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It is painted where ever the stop sign is. The point is you are supposed to stop at the bar first weather you can see or not, then pull ahead cautiously to improve your view. I rarely do it correctly and in fact I roll onto or past 80% and stop, but definitely not when someone is in the intersection. The other 20% are lights with cross walk.

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29 minutes ago, XXL said:


as everyone else stated and it was the first thing i noticed 

if you stopped behind the line the truck would have missed you , unfortunate but true 

i see dual fault here first you not stopping 

second both leaving the scene of a crash 

third if the truck cleared the white line which is not clear in the video he has no fault except leaving the scene

stop signs are meant to be stopped at behind the white line then proceed with caution  

if i couldn't see at a blind intersection but then pulled out in front of a car it would be my fault 

laws sometimes suck and roads/ intersections suck BUT 

the laws are usually pretty clear what isn't clear is where the line was in your camera 

I think you dodged a possible stop sign violation 

looking at the google map wayno posted i could see where the Runner might have cut the corner but i also see where you rolled the stop past the line 

and yes the line is in a shitty spot 

not trying to be a dick just been put in similar situations where I felt I was completely right until someone else added another view i hadn't thought of 


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21 minutes ago, XXL said:



Sorry, that was for wayno. Stop bars are never in the right convenient place... it's more to fit the placement of the sign. Like I said I usually roll over them to improve the view but only if clear.

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                Since you don't have a location (Buckle Belt is not a place),I'm not sure

what the laws are in a situation like that.

               In California,you are required to report an accident to the police,if there

is damage over a certain amount.If that's the case where you live,the other driver

could report it,& you could be in trouble.

            You're both in violation,by leaving the scene. 

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all I'll say is it seems like anything vintage on the road just draws psycho drivers anymore and it seems like they loose all driving skill and courtesy when an oldie comes into their view. I was in the '55 Chevy about two weeks ago and a second gen S10 four or five blocks down the highway in the direction I was driving waited a suspiciously long time at the stop sign for me to go by when he could have been out and gone long before I got near him with my wore out 235 and three on the tree.


As I passed him I saw a Vietnam vet sticker on his camper shell and thought,  okay -  he's just an old guy wanting to see the car. He followed at a safe distance for a couple of blocks and then sped up to where he was as close as he could get to the rear of my car. I tapped the brake, he slammed his own and then passed me like nothing happened. No rhyme or reason - just a brain fart that's pretty common when they see an oldie.

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Man that sucks.  Not beating a dead bush here.  You would be liable for the accident if the police arrived.  If you stopped at the line and then entered the intersection, got hit, then it would be the 4 Runner's fault.  Absolutely hate when intersections get overgrown or have fences in the way.  Good thing is, you have a steel bumper and not plastic.  Those front ends disintegrate when touched by anything other than a wash cloth.  Hope the car turns out to be ok. 

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