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69' Datsun Roadster 2000


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What up Ratsun!


Picked up this Roadster with no engine. Plans are to build a L20B to a 2.3 Liter Stroker and hook that up to a 5 speed L series transmission. I have names this project Datsun Roadster 2300. I also picked up another Roadster and plan to swap the flat dash onto the 69 Roadster. More to come!




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Please do not use Photobucket, most cannot see your photos.

When I clicked on them links I could see tiny photos of a Toyota, 2 of a white roadster and 3 of a dark rusty colored looking roadster, the photos are very small, I use Postimage and a lot of others do also without issues.

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On 5/7/2020 at 3:41 PM, Fetch said:

Wing, If you have not already, check out an L16 install and a KA24 first a 311's.org .

The popular swap is the sr20 twin cam engine. Kits and wiring are available as well as brake upgrades. There is a complete install guide on 311's.org. Check it out first.



Thanks for the reference material Fetch! I definitely have used 311s forum as my main source for info and advice. I'm sticking with the L23 stroker since I already had an L20B engine that was donated to me. This is essentially the same engine that is in Daniel Wu's "Tanto" Datsun 510. 


L20B - Stock and stripped


L20B crankshaft (86mm stroke) vs Z24 crankshaft (96mm stroke)


Mahle Forged Pistons: 88mm Bore


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On 5/10/2020 at 12:20 PM, edwardthrottle said:

@WIngzero - nice!  Im new myself to the ratsun community and im looking to get a roadster..  Im pretty excited to see what you have going on.  BTW...  what are you going to with the other roadster once you have transplanted the dash


Hi Edward, 


I plan on building my stroker engine first and after that I'll get working on the transmission. I probably will be swapping the dash 1-2 years from now as interior and frame is the final stage of my project.


Here's some progress I have completed for the L23 Stroker build. All of my aluminum parts have been vapor blasted at a local shop. 


Timing Cover



Valve Cover




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