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510 Strut Mounts

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Hello all, I may have messed up. I've been trying to replace my front struts for almost two months now and I've just hit a major road block. When I started, I ordered everything online before hand, shocks for the rear and strut inserts for the front. The rear was easy, but the front proved to be more difficult. When I started out, I didn't know that I could just refill the oil and be done with it, I thought I had to install the new ones, which of course didn't fit. I then read a post on here that listed strut inserts that could be easily installed in my 510, and some very cheap, vw rabbit shocks just so happened to be on there, which was right up my alley. When they came in I only did the right hand side. I removed all the old insert stuff, put a bunch of washers in the tube as spacers, tightened it in, and put it all back together. I also had to modify the strut mount a bit, I had to drill it a bit because vw doesn't use a D shaft like datsun does. At first all seemed well, but after a little while of driving I noticed a knock when I turned. I  Noticed that everything came apart even though I tightened everything down as much as I could, So with my new knowledge or just refilling the oil I figured I'd just take the loss and buy a new shock mount and go back to stock. Unfortunately, the one that came in the mail was a bit different. Everything still fit, but the mount was made in such a way that it mounts a little lower down, raising the ride height, just enough so I can't actually get the strut assembly back in the car. I've looked everywhere and can't find a regular shock mount, anyone have any advice? Did I do something wrong when installing the vw shocks? Can I make do with what I have? Any advice would be appreciated, thank you. 

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Ohh the top hats!  (insulators) Well they were both made by Nissan but why would you think they are all the same? You already bought a set that were wrong. Did they say for an A10? The B110 insulator is 54320-H1000 the insulator for the '80 A10 is 54320-N8200 so not the same part.


What's wrong with the original top hats? Why not use them?


To go back to stock you will need the dampers you took out.


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I did some thing's I should not have done to the originals to fit some vw inserts. The ones I bought where very different and I didn't check everything properly. The ones linked above though line up perfectly in both looks and dimensions to mine so I'm going to get them, and I have my original damper on my porch table somewhere along with the o ring. Those ones did say for a 310 and they aren't listed for a 510, but the ones I bought where and they didn't fit, so I'm not sure if I trust that part of ebay all that much, all I know is that they match up both in size, shape and looks and that's all I need. (hopefully, I don't want to look back on that statement while looking for another shock mount). Also returns are allowed on these ones. 

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 If you asked for 510 top hats you probably got '68-'73 PL510 ones. Your car is a 510 in name only. It's really a '79-'81 HL510 or better known as an A-10. If this is what happened, try ordering the A10 ones rather than guessing at it because it looks the same.

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Yeah, that's what was happening. Strange enough searching A10 doesn't work either. Just off of googling datsun engine bays though I think there's two main top hats. There's a deeper one, that'll pop up when searching your regular 510, 240, etc, and then there's a raised one that was only really used in the later models, in my case the 80's 310, and I guess my car just doesn't have the support because it not the classic 510. Maybe they used the raised one to lower the ride height to get some extra mileage? Don't know, but it should have no problems with mine. 

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