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I'm curious, which 1800 motor is this?


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This is in the bay area and the guy was going to do a swap, but he gave up and is going with a 2.xL something, so is selling the motor.

Are they magic in some way or just cool because they are fairly obscure?


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I really don't know a lot about them, there is a thread about that vehicle on Ratsun, it had an 1800 in it but I cannot find the thread.

It has a cross flow head, that might be a good thing, it depends on how well the head was designed, I believe this engine ran and may have been driven before being removed, or I may be thinking of an entirely different car/engine.

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Cross flow keeps the hot exhaust ports away from the intake ports, intake and carb(s). Less heat is dumped into the cooling system because there is less need to cool around the hot intake ports. Additionally if a turbo is used, the compressed air can go across the front of the engine through an inter cooler to the intake side. You can also run the intake and exhaust valves at different angles and the combustion chamber closer to, or hemispheric.

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22 hours ago, wayno said:

Maybe a GL18 engine out of a 1972 Skyline???


Someone imported one a while back in the Bay area and I think they were going to do a conversion, maybe that is this engine.

You were close wayno.... 1 too many letters.... gl1800 is a honda gold wing engine....

The nissan G18 was the motor your thinking about.... its a Prince G engine...




And It looks like they put the firing order right on the valve cover...

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4 hours ago, wayno said:

Maybe it was what the car was called, 1972 Nissan Skyline GL 1800, I do know it was a short nose version.





Some where on here(Ratsun) is a thread of the car that this engine likely came out of, but I cannot find the thread.

That would make sense.... 



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Thats is a 1800 motor which was in the Shortnose C10, The C30 Laurel and the later C130 Laurel. Called G18 or G20. There even was a G15, 1500cc available in the cheapest C10 Skyline.

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