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Difference in Carrier Bearings


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I been having carrier bearing replacement issues on my 74 620. I ordered what I thought was the proper replacement for the truck and the bearing width is too narrow resulting in the nut not tightening down on everything properly and the threaded end of the shaft protruding too far out to tighten down the mating driveshaft yoke. I took the carrier bearing out of a 77 I have and the width is (approx.).945 (which would solve my problems). My new bearing is only (approx.) .658. Some sources show a different bearing for 73/74 compared to a 77. Other sources say all are the same from 72 to 79. Has anybody run into this issue before?

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I'm very late to the party here, but yes.

I bought one off rock auto, and it was considerable thinner. 

I made a couple of washers on the lathe to pack out the bearing. (Half the difference each side)

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