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280zx/510 brake upgrade

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Should be just fine without them.

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Ok, how to start this.... from the top. I bench bled the master, and during the process flyid would squirt out past the little plastic plugs during the process, which i had a feeling would happen. Did my best to get all the air out. Bled the system a few times,to help aid in getting all the old stuff out, and new stuff in. Found one of my rubber lines in the rear was leaking so i replaced it and proceeded to bleed the entire system again this morning. 

Heres my question. When bleeding i watch the tube hooked to the bleeder valve and see no air coming out, on all four corners. But the pedal still seems a bit soft. I suspect the master has air in it. Do i need to remove the master and bench bleed again, or should just switch to vacuum bleeding? With a 7/8 z master, and zx disc's up front should the pedal be nice and firm, or is it gonna be a bit spongy. I have NO brake booster. Admittedly ive never had the most patience for bleeding brakes. But i understand the process, and the idea behind it.. Any and all is appreciated 

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