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j13 rebuild


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So I've been getting my engine rebuilt for a while now. I want to get everything on this engine to perform as well as it can. With that said. Do any of you guys know of anyone who would make a custom exhaust manifold? Ive got a rebuilt j13 and I want to add a turbo, but I'm not sure what size turbo would be best for it. (Not sure if the size of turbo would make a difference on how the manifolds made). I don't have any pics of the engine on me so I can't add the pics yet, but I will as soon as I can.

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I would be very cautious with that. The J13 only has 3 main bearings to support it. The L series and the A series after it all had 5 and the crankshafts are well supported. The J13 is a great little engine and like the old VW bug were impossible to blow up because they didn't make a lot of power. If wanting to keep this car engine original I would try to find a J15 and there was even a J18 put in Nissan vehicles in Mexico. I think the Mexican 510 had J series engines. Engine swap? An L20B is over 90 hp.


If the engine is practically finished I would just add a slightly larger carburetor and enjoy it.

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I think the Weber 32/36 is slightly large for an L20B although it will work, almost certainly a J13 is too small for it. You should never run too large a carburetor. An A14 or L16 carburetor would be good but it most likely won't bolt on and an adapter would need to be made. Is the J13 a linkage or cable to the carburetor? If you have no fabricating skills stick with what you know and run it stock.

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When I was in high school in the late 70s, I ran a PL411 with a 2 barrel Weber. It bolted right on. I don't remember the model, but just to let you know that it is the best mod for the J13, I think. The problem, I found, was the linkage. You have to custom fab that. That took the longest as I had a shop do it. It was far too expensive and took forever. I'd say, make friends with a shop that is willing to do this for you if you are not good at that sort of stuff.

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