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521 dizzy

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I’m working on upgrading my 521 to ei but it has a dual point dizzy that seems to make things more complicated.what I am wondering is if I by a hot spark ei dizzy for a l-16 if it will work? Everyone tells me to find a matchbox but as far as I call tell their hard to find 

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Any single points L series distributor will work. I don't see what you couldn't take the dual points distributor shaft out and have it turned down on a lathe. Then get a Pertronix for it.


Only down side to either is this just gets rid of the points, period. The Nissan EI matchbox and matching coil also ups the output voltage for hotter sparks

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I have no faith in the quality of a $100 POS from China. You would be better off spending the money on your known good distributor.



Hang on you said your truck is a '69 so it would be a J13 engine. All 520/521 engines were single point. Did I miss something?

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Better post a picture of it because I don't think it's a '69 engine, somethings whack.


Is the distributor on the driver's side?

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Select a free picture hosting site such as, but not limited, to...imgur. Take and store your pictures there. When needed go back copy the picture information, come here and paste into your post. Only thing I ask is to NEVER EVER use Photobucket the bane of the internet.

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A 521 has dual points it’s a L16 In there 

main set of points will have a bigger condenser 

I think it’s blk red wire near the valve cover side.


one person has used the hot spark and worked but he knew how to adjust the distributor spindal and modify the timmimg plate adjustment correctly so it’s timed correctly.key is the pedestal mount and the plate that comes with the new dist might be more for a L20.I don’t know

also one use the stock coil and the ballast resistor.seen Hotspark for like 60$ on Amazon


Try it out and let us know.

i have to many spare Pertronix and spare single point dists so I have a lifetime of spares. 

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Yeah you’re right I pulled the distributor earlier and it had two condensers one was hiding and one was larger than the other.when I pulled the distributor I was expecting it to have a gear on the bottom 

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