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Sudden Hard Clutch

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Was driving this morning and the clutch suddenly went from easy to hard to push on my Datsun B210 5 speed  FS5W60A.  Throw out bearing or could the slave cylinder cause that?


The fluid level is fine.  It has been a while since I bled the hydraulic clutch, but this was a sudden change while driving where one push to shift was easy and then the next one was hard, so no gradual overtime change.


I will note that I had to replace my speedometer drive pinion gear and went from 75w120 gear oil to MT90 (from redline).  Thats the only recent change to the tranny.

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The bearing could fail but it would make a noise if seized but wouldn't stop it operating. Can't see the slave seizing. Perhaps the master? Open the bleeder on the slave so no pressure can be built up. Depress the pedal.


Still stiff... problem is somewhere in the pedal linkage OR the master.

Stiffness gone.... problem could be the slave or clutch/PP


Bleed the clutch hydraulics. Remove the slave but leave the flex line on. Two things might happen. The piston inside the slave may try to slide out showing the slave is not seized.... OR the piston may stay in. If it stays in have someone depress the pedal s-l-o-w-l-y while you watch and stop them before the piston falls out. So was the pedal softer or still stiff???


If stiff then the slave is the problem

If easier then the problem is in the PP.


Seems like a lot of work but pulling the transmission to check the clutch is far more. I would eliminate the master and slave first.





 I have had what you describe and it was one of the radial springs in the clutch disc fall out and jam the pressure plate. Replace the disc and all was well. If this has mileage on it change the set.

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More years than major miles.  The clutch and master cylinder are several years old, the clutch was new when I put the transmission in back in 09 about.  I have only put about 50K on the car.  I have to work this afternoon (so gotta drive the car) but am planning on bleeding the clutch tomorrow morning (if i wake up in time).


Thanks Mike,  I knew I could count on you.  Dear Lord I hope it is not a clutch spring, but I had forgotten about noise when a throwout bearing goes bad.  No noise from mine.

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I bled the clutch this morning and readjusted it.  I seem to have good pedal height now and will see how it drives going to work.  If the pedal is still hard then I think it will be time to enter the transmission.  I have a spare clutch, just need to order a throwout bearing.  Wish I had a spare flywheel I could take in and get resurfaced and trued up, just in case.

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No, I bled it with a vacuum pump.  And it is still hard and firm, makes for a nice leg work out.  Problem is the datsun is my only vehicle.  It's 3 buses to get to work and the bus shuts down before I get off, so a 10 mile walk home. *facepalm* Going to have to keep driving it until I can get in there and fix it, or take on a car payment so I can fix it.  It does shift and drive fine, at least.

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