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Gunning engine problem

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I was driving my truck, faster than I usually do, and it started doing something really weird and kinda scary.

I was cruisin along fine but then I went to drop it neutral, the engine kept gunning even without pressing the gas pedal.

It was peaking at around 4k rpm, and hanging there, again without pressing the gas.

When I would kill the engine it would stop but slowly, and shudder and chug along for  a (painstaking) few seconds.

It kept doing this as I limped back home, until I got about 5m from the house and but then started working normal again.

Never got hot or smelled weird or anything, just racing..


I'm guessing my carb was letting gas thru? I popped the hood and moved the little gas spring/valve thing in the carb but it didnt seem stuck open or anything.

I will pull it open tomorrow and have the wife work the pedal to see if anything is acting weird. Any suggestions what to watch for?



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Throttle cable / accelerator pedal or carb linkage is sticking.



Keep It Simple Stupid. (not insulting you).


Carefully look over the entire throttle system. You'll find it.




PS. Do you have a throttle return spring on the carb?

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Secondary is part stuck open and didn't close all the way. Now this could just be lack of using the secondary and it's stiff, or a small piece of debris fell in and waited till now and is jamming it from closing. Use a flashlight and look down the secondary, it it's clear try pushing it closed with a pencil. I had this happen on a Z24 and the idle would NOT go below 1,200. I solved it after looking at everything else. There was some corrosion or something on the bore preventing it closing. 


It might also clear itself if you continue driving it hard, opening and closing the secondary.

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