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Brake indicator switch


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Hi everybody so I've recently bought a 510 wagon with the engine out and it's missing a few items that I'm having difficultys finding. One of them is a brake indicator switch. I was wondering if anybody give out recommendations  to a website I could buy it from or if one of you guys have one laying around that I could purchase. Thanks

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Called an NP valve on the 610... I have a picture of the 510 hydraulic brakes but no NP valve shown, or if it even has one. The 610 is very similar to the 510. Anyway it's probably located over on the right side of the firewall. Does this sound right to you? There should be 4 hydraulic lines to it.

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I believe that it the brake indicator switch. You can see the terminal in the center top.If front or rear looses hydraulic pressure the switch turns on the warning light.Like I said I don't think the 510 had the NP valve.


That said I think any brake indicator switch should do the job in a 510. Yes the 510 part number also fits the 1200, 240/260/280z, 610, 710, and B-210

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TRy a want add, maybe someone has a parts wreck with one. I doubt very much these are available anywhere. Last ones used was the '78 B-210 and 280z.

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Are you missing the whole hydraulic unit or just the switch part that screws in to it?????


In Mikes photo the wire isn’t even used


Carter on here or somebody might have the whole unit.but really if half this stuff is gone in the engine bay I would have been Leary of the whole car.bu if that’s the wagon on the photo it looks good.It always wonders me how it get in this position of motor pulled out then car is sold later.I just don’t get it


why pull it out? Then loose it? Painting? The pump 

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Yeah we are missing the whole unit. The previous owner pulled the motor to repaint the bay but never got around too it. He was suppose to give us all the parts but I guess he didn't have it.

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A 610 pressure switch is the same as the 510.


I don't think the 510 has a proportioning valve and besides this is for a zx which is 800 pounds heavier.w

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If you don't have any luck finding this, PM me. I may have one of these that I scavenged off of a B210. I won't be able to look until Sunday (next day off). If I do have one, I can compare it to the 510.

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