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How to identify a transmission


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Hi so I just recently picked up a datsun 510 wagon and it came with a extra transmission but unfortunately the owner didn't know where it came from. I've been told from people that it's either from a pickup truck or its a dogleg transmission from the 200sx. I was wondering if there is any way I could identify it.                                                                                                                                                                                                E11F4E9E-0456-4F30-AE6A-E03B840A55A7.jpeB5517290-B05C-461F-9572-7254CF99C8D8.jpe14E0BC1C-245C-440A-A793-7B30E17CBD55.jpeC5595FFE-C101-4FAA-829F-E8F0F867E1E6.jpe


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Definitely an L series made after '79 and not a dogleg.... doglegs have a smooth bell housing without ribs and there were no L series doglegs after '79.




Wayno you are absolutely right. This is a 2wd 720 shorty 5 speed with an L series front case swapped on. In the above picture you can see the threads foir the speedometer pinion and the hold down bolt.

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1 hour ago, Nate.a.v said:

Thanks Mike. My second question is would this be hard to bolt onto a l16?

That should bolt right up but you will probably have to modify the rear mount.... it's a great upgrade...

I've been running the same thing behind my L16 in my 521 for about a year now....


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It will work but you will need to keep your L16 clutch arm and release bearing collar and use it on the 5 speed. The collar is the thing the release bearing is pressed onto to hold it.


You can use your clutch slave and push rod.


I think you can still buy a 71B transmission cross member for a 510. Short or long should still have the mount in the same place on the transmission.



If you have a few tools you can make this handy set of adapters to keep the original 510 cross member by lowering and positioning it under a 71B 5 speed. Hell a fab shop could knock these out for less than the boughten custom cross member.






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