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Rusty Dawg

J engine

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The pertronix has no adjustment to worry about  but the holes,,, ( i Assume ) won't match up to bolt in. 

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I hate 320 distributors, I am not positive but I believe all E1 distributors had side entry caps(wires come out the side), his engine photo shows a normal looking cap.

The Pertronics 1741 kit will not fit a E1 distributor(not made for it), but I have modified the kit and made it fit and it ran fine, but I was using alligator clips to power the distributor, twice I double clicked the unit and i smoked both of them so I gave up and a little while later I figured out the MGB Midget distributors would fit the E1/J13-15 engines and if they had a Crane Ignition they could be wired positive ground like my 1963 Datsun kingcab is, I also figured out that the MG distributors are smaller and work better than the matchbox distributor when using a 5spd behind the E1/J13-15 engine using the adapter plates I made.

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Oh shit!! 

I just realized this isn’t a 520/521 and is a positive ground type vehicle .... Im not sure Pertronix would even work at all . 

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Like I said before, you can make the 1741 kit work, but you have to drill the plate in the proper spot to both mount the unit and have it the correct distance away from the magnets on the shaft, this is a 320 distributor with that Pertronics 1741 unit mounted and it ran fine and likely would have continued to run fine if I had had it wired into the key so there was no double clicking, but the L320 was negative ground as I was just trying to get the engine to start reliably.



You can see I had to drill the plate and put the mount screw in a different spot.



The truck I did all this to is a positive ground truck, it has a MG Midget distributor in it with a Crane electronic ignition installed, it is wired positive ground which is a very strange way to wire a distributor, you can see how it is done on this link.



Here is a post to my thread that still has photos, the thread on here has no photos anymore which confuses me as this thread has the photo although some of the ebay links may not be good anymore.



There are positive ground units on ebay both electronic and regular, only the positive ground units interest me because I can use a matchbox if negative ground, here are some ebay search results, they are kinda expensive.



Here is the mount bracket, but your 320 mount bracket will also work.




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I am not well versed in electronics, so I might be well over my head on this idea and may just stick with points.  I will need to educate myself more before making the call.  I love how involved you guys are in these vintage Datsun's and look forward to learning more from everyone about these vehicles.

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