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1998 Tacoma Power Steering Issue

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Not a Nissan obviously, but I am confused about a issue.  My dad bought a 98 Tacoma 4wd with the 2.7.  Power steering did not work.  Reservoir was full of what appeared to be a chocolate shake.  No fluid flow.  He got me a pump off ebay to install.  I cleaned the old res completely, nothing left on the screen.  Flushed the system out with several quarts of Dextron 3 before I put it on.  Went from nasty shit to looking like clean atf.  Installed, bled and it talked like no tomorrow.  No amount of bleeding seemed to help.  But the power steering was there and worked great.


     In between fiddling with it and other projects, I took the old pump apart and noticed the vanes were stuck in place with the gunk.  Cleaned the old pump out completely and reassembled and tried tossing it back on to see if it was just gummed up to shit.  Sent ebay pump back.   Nothing, no whine or fluid flow.


     Got a pump at the pull a part that looked oem and fairly clean.  Same thing, no flow or whine.


     Got pissed and bought a new, not reman from the napa across the street.  Has flow, but no power steering.  Seems like a lot if I aim the return hose at a bucket and start it, makes a mess.  I do not have a power steering pressure tester (the one fucking tool I dont see harbor freight having, but  a tool I would buy from them as it would be seldom used).


 Pressure hose looks good, no leaks.  Return looks good but I am going to replace the rubber part as its just trans hose.  Rack is a bit moist, but no leaks under the truck when it sat for 3 days in the same spot.  Not sure if I am having a shit go at pumps or  if the rack just happened to go out after I took the ebay pump off (seems unlikely).


Soooooooooo, basically I am looking for ideas.  Just confuses me.  Dont wanna throw anymore $$ at it.  I know remans and aftermarket parts suck.  I would appreciate any ideas.



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Noise happens when the pump maxes out it's pressure. This is why you are cautioned never to hold a PS at full lock for more than 5 seconds or damage will result to the pump. My guess is there is a restriction in the lines or the steering box causing the noise. Unlikely that so many pumps would be bad so probably something other than the pump. BTW if there is a restriction those pumps may now be toast.

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Noise happens for more reasons than that.  You'll also get a whine when the pump sucks air from the low pressure side, from low fluid or a bad seal sucking air.  I would also say holding full lock damage is an old wives tale.  The pump has a bypass, hence the noise you hear at full lock, similar to the bypass at your oil filter if the filter becomes completely clogged.





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That's what the FSM says but it was 15 sec. Just overheats the oil and causes wear. Course they err on the side of caution. I had PS on my 620.

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Is it a stock height/tire Tacoma ?


I doubt the lines got switched accidentslly....


Going through several pumps in a row doesn't make sense either....


May or may not be related. ...There is lots of mentioning of the steering intermediate shaft (between steering wheel and rack) u-joints failing and causing issues on Tacomas. I really haven't had personal experience with that.

People were describing some binding , resistance , etc symptoms. 

Vvv Link below vvv





Rack shouldn't be moist...I'd investigate that if it were mine.

I've seen racks fail on older Tacoma and tundras

Hopefully truck wasn't abused in 4x4 mode ....puddles/mud/etc....before your dad took possession 

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It twas the pump.  Just had shit luck with all the pumps.  Got the air working and found a factory radio to slide back in.  Off to the lot she goes.

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