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Body Bushings??


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Hi all!


Just joined.  Purchased my '67 520 a couple months back.  Sat in an Oklahoma field for 30 years.


Anyway, it's been disassembled, blasted and we've already had to change shops because they wanted me to spend $80K to restore/mod this thing - crazy.


The new team is looking for body bushings.  Scoured the web to no avail.


Anyone have any guidance for me??


The guys are also asking for a shop manual but I think I found one online.





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I have found that car and truck sidewall rubber works for most of the body mount bushings. I use a hole saw for the outer and inner diameters.  I have also used a roll of roof seal material cut in the same size to shim for the  thickness I need at that point.  I will be doing this when I remount my La Salle body.

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I used a combination of 620 and 720 bushing purchased on Ebay.  The cabsits about a 1/2" hiher than stock bushings.  For the bed I found a roll of flat rubberized belt material from a Bearing belt and chain company.  I cut the belt material to length and used a hole punch and a hammer to make the holes I needed in the belt material.


You have to be creative.

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Here is what they look like.







It also has this piece of metal on top of it, this is how it is isolated.





I think a thick piece of rubber would work for between the body and mount arm and another one below with a large washer making sure the bolt don't touch the mount arm metal, if it does you will have a lot of cab noise.

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I searched quite a bit for mine and found that post 



Energy suspension 9.4101R universal mounts for the 4 corners of cab (2 boxes of 2 mounts)

Energy suspension 9.9531R pads for the front clip (box of 6 (4 required))


Available in black too.




Didnt install yet though....

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Good luck with the Energy Suspension bushings, I have those same kits in black and did not use them as the body when tightened down on them sat a full inch higher off the top of the frame then the stock bushings. 


I purchased 620 and 720 bushing kits off of eBay and used the bushings from those kits that was the closet in thickness to the original bushings.


Use the original cab bolts if possible because the threads are smaller diameter than the shank , this prevents over squashing the bushing from over tightening. My 520 sit about a 1/4' Higher of the frame then the Energy Suspension bushings.  Also my 520 is on a 1980 720 chassis with modified frame mounts to fit the original cab mounting holes on the 520 cab.

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Good Stuff Guys.


I got some 620 Rubber mounts off the bay.




Today, I met Ezra who shared a post with some pics and in one of the little boxes....what did I see??  BODY MOUNTS!!!


Can't get too excited, we are still in lockdown, the border is closed, and my new friend is in BC.  I'm in Dallas.  Gotta figure a way to get several boxes of parts down here.

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