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will a stock L16 cam work on a L20b (u67) head?

what are main parts that aren't compatible from the L16 to the L20b? 

I bought a 1972 datsun 510 wagon and it had the stock l16 in it, I have a 100mm bore l20b im going to throw in there but need some of the parts from the old motor but not sure if they will work together.

Thanks for reading and can't wait to read some of the help you guys can give me 🙂

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Yes, all L 4 cylinder cams will interchange.


100mm bore????? yeah that isn't going to work as the bore spacing on L,Z and KA engines are only 95.2mm. Any adjacent pistons would be overlapping the other pistons by almost 5mm. Good luck with this.


L16/L20B what will interchange?...


The heads and everything on  them and head bolts will, though no advantage of a 210 L16 head on an L20B. Small valves poor breathing but higher compression.

Block, crank, rods and pistons won't. Nor will any of the timing gear components.

Oil pan and pick up, water and oil pump and distributor will interchange.

L16 cast iron header is a good fit on an L20B but the L16 intake is rather small and will only work on a U67 head IF you also swap the exhaust manifold too.

L16/18 flywheels won't bolt to an L20B

Depending on the L20B flywheel, (has to be a 200mm from a car).... an L16 clutch can work.

L16 engine brackets and rubber mounts will swap onto the L20B

Starter and oil pressure sender will swap.

Alternator mount on blocks are different.

Almost all other nuts and bolts will interchange.

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The L-16 cam is the worst of the lot. Usual upgrade is the L-20B cam

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Yes. The L20B cam is basically identical to the L16SSS cam that was in the 510 Coupe in Japan.

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100mm bore ? Is that even possible????


why even worry about stock L20 cam? Go bigger  minimum a 460 lift cam as a start 


L16 Cam  as said is worst of the lot

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13 hours ago, banzai510(hainz) said:

100mm bore ? Is that even possible????






 Ha ha no. That's 5mm wider than the spacing between cylinders.

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