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What make of wheels are there

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Hi guys 

Im new here so you might be seeing a lot more post about the datsun’s. Been trying to find out what wheels these are. Been searching the web for a few hours and can’t find very much on them. Actually can’t find anything about them. Just some photos. I’m sure some on here can help me with these. 


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These are Watanabe 8 spoke, I doubt those are but probably made to look like them. I think there are others that look like these too. To me rims are like jewelry and everyooe over does it. $1,000 on rims on a $3,000 car looks retarded. However If I had a set in gray or silver I would totally rock some Watanabes. They are classic understated elegance like a woman wearing pearls with a sweater or a gown... they go with anything.

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Thanks guys for helping me out again!!! 

Yes mike your completely right. You really can’t go wrong with a pair of Watanabes. The price isn’t the best for a set but you pay for what you get I guess. 

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If you want to save a little money but want some Wats, you can always get the standard one piece cast R-type.  Just watch the auctions.  The prices on them vary A LOT.  Also check the size/offset because that usually will push the selling price if it's more desirable.  It isn't hard to come by them on a good deal.

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