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On 7/12/2020 at 8:46 AM, 320 Newb said:
On 7/20/2020 at 9:38 PM, gene knight said:

they are gonna rebuild the 60 hp motor and increase to 99+ hp, i have been talking with sung kang about it

Have they offered their ideas of how they intend to gain all that hp? Turbo? Supercharger?

just curious. Thanks!!


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14 hours ago, gene knight said:

he said that they were gonna bore it out  .20 over and add a turbo

Blow thru or draw-thru turbo setup I wonder? I have been thinking of adding a small supercharger as the air to fuel ratio would be easier to sort out as compared to a turbo when using a carb. 

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On the H190 you would normally use Nissan 720 truck gears as they are the most common, what you have to do is take apart the donor gearset(3.9) and take apart the 320 gearset(4.8) and exchange the spiders/side gears so the 320 axles drop into the new donor pumpkin/dropout, the 320 pin holding the pin that holds the spiders in is solid and sometimes don't like to come out, the 720 pin holding the spiders is a roll pin and normally comes out easy, you have to remove the ring gear to remove the pins, so you should mark it so you put it back on the same place/orientation. 

I used to do this for people before dropouts/pumpkins got so expensive at the wrecking yards, now 720s are a rare find at the wrecking yards, one can go to 3 wrecking yards every weekend and not find the gears you need for months maybe years depending on what gears you are looking for, 3.89 gears are fairly common, but your not going to be hauling anything around and in a head wind and you might not have the power to push it down the road in 4th gear at freeway speeds with an E1 engine.

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Yeah, my 3.89 came out of a 720 when I was stationed in San Diego in the early 2000’s. There were plenty in the “Pick your part” yards. Flat rate on any like part. Rear diff centers were usually 49.99 but one a month they would have a Saturday that was “half off everything “. So I think I paid $24 for my gears!


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I remember the good ole days, transmissions were $70.00 out the door, and rear drop outs half that, now drop out is around $130.00 out the door and you have to watch them guys ringing it up as they will automatically charge you for extra warranty and they make a face when you tell them to remove it.

I remember seeing over ten 720s in one yard of the four yards around here before, now we are lucky to see one 720 in the 3 yards left and half the time it is a 4wd truck, I have not seen a 520 or 521 in years, and 620s are a very rare find in a yard around here anymore.

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There are new gearsets available for the H190, but I could only find 4.11 thru 5.43 ratios. I found a Japanese website that claims to have OEM 3.89 gearsets available - https://boodmo.com/catalog/part-38100p0501-15654948/


For the "turbo", I wonder why they wouldn't use a supercharger instead. You can buy them in kit for for MGB, and it wouldn't be hard to bolt it up - https://mossmotors.com/supercharger-systems?336=2876&aid=5852&utm_source=feed&utm_medium=free&utm_campaign=shopping&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIt9eYqYT46gIVDh6tBh3Wxw01EAQYASABEgINXPD_BwE

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