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Is rare valuable? Or collectable? Just cool?

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Hello My name is Travis my teenage son wants to build a Drift racer.  So I found a 1981 Datsun 200sx nearby. Just under 77 000 miles. Sitting over 10 years body is solid and I got motor started after a few hours...drain fuel and oil change filters either shot and it came to life. Z20e 5speed fastback.  Ugly car...all the plastic and rubber is dry rotted cracked faded.  Is this car collectable or unique?  Should I try to source interior parts and restore it? Tub and roll cage?  Are there performance parts for the z20e engine.? The S110 in Europe came with 1.8t... My thoughts was port and polish the twin plug head header and cold air intake but the Super Silhouette was awesome on the race circuit back in the early 80s. Although the Rally car may be better for the area we live.  I have 100 questions...keep stock engine and turbocharge it? LS swap? SR20DET?  Any advice greatly appreciated.

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Not really collectible so let him wreck the body drifting it. The engine's head is designed for low and mid range power and breathes poorly when revved up. On top of this the there is no provision for increasing performance much. A header would be a waste of time and money as the stock exhaust manifold is never going to be restrictive on this engine. Just straight pipe it or put a fart can on the back for street use. 


Swap a KA24E or DE in from a D21 Hardbody, it will fit the 5 speed. Instant 50% power increase.


The S110 looks best if painted black or maybe silver.

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Rarity or scarceness is a function of number built minus number destroyed or scrapped.  Value is in the eye of the beholder.  There is no connection between the two.  If a willing buyer wants the vehicle then it is valuable on that day and place.

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Well forget the fact if it is rare or valuable, the 200SX is a bad base for a drift car. Get yourself a 1990-1994 240SX, much better drivetrain and better handling, better aftermarket parts available as well.

Let someone else enjoy this 200SX as they get rarer rapidly.

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Except that drifting destroys cars, I don't care how good you think you are. It's the equivalent of beating up your pregnant girlfriend. It's a one way trip that no true Datsun owner would enjoy. I also like the 240sx more than the S110 so there's that.

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