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'86 720 with ticking carburetor that kills the battery?


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The battery on my 720 was dead this morning, and after jump-starting it and placing it on a charger for several hours, I noticed a steady ticking noise that seems to be coming from the back of the carb. This is when the engine is off with no key in the ignition...It just ticks constantly and won't stop unless I disconnect the battery. I'm guessing this is what killed the battery...The truck starts and runs okay, though idles a bit wobbly at times.


I've been searching past forum discussions and came across folks discussing similar problems with fuel/air and idle cut solenoids. Could one of these be the problem?


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Thanks for the tips. I took out each of the fuses under the drivers side kickpanel, including the #2 15amp fuse, but the ticking sound didn't stop. Is there a fuse block somewhere in the engine bay that I'm missing? Regarding the solenoids, I found a cable connector on the side of the carb and tried disconnecting that, but that didn't stop the noise. I also see one with black and red cable going through a metal hex connector. I loosened that and some gas started to come out, but from what I understand there is a delicate pin that can fall out with that so I didn't remove it all of the way (yet). 

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