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Master Brake Cylinder 68 510


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Can you find a rebuild kit for it?? It's easier than you think to do this and I would trust this more than the crap that is re-manufactured.


The 510 uses a 3/4" dual master cylinder. I don't see why any other master with the same diameter wouldn't work.


The 610, 710 and B-210 also used them.

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Scary. My first car, '64 Dodge, had a single. If you get a leak anywhere in the system ALL the brakes go out. Lines can rust  out, seals wear and rubber flex lines blow up during a panic stop when line pressure spikes 10 times normal. When I was younger it was common to hear an accident was caused by 'brake failure'.  

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The 1968 510 was a SINGLE line master cylinder.  These are GROSSLY dangerous, cuz if ONE corner of the car loses its brakes, ie split rubber hose, RWC failure etc, you lose ALL of your brakes!  You can install a 69-73 DUAL line master cylinder, using all of the original dual line master components, OR you can re-plumb the hard lines as you wish, which splits the front vs rear reservoir, thus at least maintaining either front or rear brakes!  It is a great upgrade on a 1968!  My 1965 Mustang GT has a factory SINGLE line master................I will be upgrading it with a DUAL line master "kit", available in the aftermarket............but it's a Mustang, so there is a kit available!  I would rather be safe than original, even tho it is a GT model!

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