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Clutch push rod

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Hi all, I'm looking for a complete push rod,pin and nut that fits between the clutch pivot arm and slave cylinder for a late 65, 320 or 66,520. Its a threaded rod with a threaded pin and nut . also found on the floor shift model 320s If anybody has one for sale I'm happy to pay for shipping to Australia. Thanks in advance.

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two years ago, I put a L-20-B engine in my 521.  Last year, I put a 1980 720 five speed transmission in that truck

 However, when I put slave cylinder back on the transmission, the stock pushrod was too short.  I went to Ace Hardware, and got a longer M8-1.25 bolt, and cut the head off the bolt, and chucked the bolt in a drill, and then ground a ball end on the cut off bolt by using the drill to turn the bolt while I held the end of the bolt on a grinding disk on a angle grinder.  I also got a spring that looked about right at Ace Hardware.



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I am kinda wondering why/how this could have happened, not all arms are threaded on the column shift transmissions, some are an un-threaded rod with an eye on the end without any kind of adjustment that connects to the arm, it is held on the arm with a pin and cotter key.

What did you use for a clutch disc/pressure plate?

Do you recall which type of front cover your transmission has, does the throw out bearing(lets call it that for lack of a better word) have a sleeve it rides on or is it floating, as if it is a floater type it could possibly hit the transmission shaft with a longer rod, the tolerances are set within a certain envelope of operation.

If you do have the threaded rod, then as already mentioned you may be able to make a rod, and you may have the type of throw out bearing that rides on a sleeve, but I would be worried about why you need a longer rod in the first place.

I believe the 320newb just went thru an issue like this recently and he ended up adjusting the clutch cover/pressure plate, it sounded like a pain to me.


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The throw out bearing has a sleeve it slides on, in Australia the 65  320 gearbox came with the 20 spline shaft and steel throw out bearing but was a 4 speed Column shift. Mine was missing the push rod and slave cylinder when I got the truck,I can get one made but finding one for sale would be easier.

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Thank's Wayno, yes that is the part I'm looking for and it's the first time Iv'e actually seen the part myself, Thank's for taking the time to post it. It looks like it wouldn't be too hard to make now that Iv'e seen it.Stay healthy in these weird times, Cheers

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If I was to make one I would likely not make it exactly the same as I believe that would require special tools.


Here it is off the transmission and out of slave.





Personally I would likely find a pin/rod that fits the clutch arm and cut it slightly longer than it needed to be(sticking out an 1/8" each side), then drill a hole thru it big enough for a threaded rod, then I would put 2 nuts on a threaded rod so I could lock it when adjusted at the proper length.

I would likely not thread the pin/rod after I drilled it, nor would I flatten the surface the nut rests on unless I had the tool/machine to do that, I also would not step the size of the rod down where it inserts into the slave unless the inside of the slave required it, none of my 720 slaves required it.


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Thank's Wayno, that's fantastic It will make my life a lot easier.I Don't have a lathe but I do have a a fairly well equiped work shop so I should be able to make one up without too much trouble. I really appreciate the time you've taken to give me the infomation I needed and your advice. Cheers

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Your Welcome


By the way the threaded end of the rod is slotted for a screw driver, it's kinda hard to see in the photos, I am sure you will figure it out.

The 521 clutch slave rod looks a lot like the 320 rod(slotted end and all), I am sure there are a lot of vehicles out there with hydraulic operated clutches that have parts you could use, just search "Datsun clutch slave rod" on the internet.

Also have you figured out the clutch slave yet, they are expensive, I thought about using a 720 clutch slave and slotting the holes to fit the wider pattern of the early slaves, it's only 3/8" wider, that is 3/16" on each side, but I would just open the hole all the way up and center the slave when I mounted it.

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