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Instagram, now forum friendly

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I think this may bring a rennesiance to forums. 


Instagram now lets you hotlink. 


From the ... on the upper right of an instagram pic you can 'copy link'


Paste that link in the reply window and hit enter, give it a  second and then your pic should appear in the reply window. 





Pretty slick, even lets you click options in the pasted pic, like 'view profile' 


Maybe kinda cluttered, but there is no photobucket watermark across the pic. That's a win in my opinion. 

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Other forums that switched to this exact forum host(?) format(?) ,, have been posting Instagram since 2018 .. Both that I’m on , made posters, make new thread dedicated solely to it , ( like you have) , because if a page is filled with Instagram it takes forever sometimes to load..  and pissed some phone users off..  

           im usually on PC ,, strangely enough not as I wrote this but ,, haha ..... so i didn’t notice myself , just what was said by many. 

I will say , it’s better than stealing pics off Facebook in that , the posts from 2018 are still visible.. unlike Facebook ones that disappear in a short amount of time.. So that’s good . 

I have Instagram but didn’t have phone that could actually do it worth a shit,,,  haha 

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didnt work


third try:



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It's 'copy link' after you click the little ... in the upper right corner. 

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