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My never ending 520 project


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On 9/28/2020 at 11:10 PM, wayno said:

How did you make the handles work, this is how I did mine on my 520 ute.



love the tailgate handle setup

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Still needs a little trimming on the window channel but it’s all one piece again not all that pretty but Good enough for plastic  the glass and the door both  fit great   So it’s on to the the rest of the rot Down lower 

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3 minutes ago, Noll said:

Nice work, glad to see you're saving the cab 🙂 .

I’m not Glad to be doing it 😂... Thanks man not my finest work but good enough I think I’d have had better results had I used my bead roller to make the channel and just rolled the radius into flat metal as opposed to bending something up and shrinking and stretching it like I did  because I didn’t want to have to “waste time” digging  out the right tool   😂😂 

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Floor and inner rockers are repaired still a good amount of rust repairs to do but  the cab is on for test fit gotta do a bit of fire wall work to accommodate the new tilt column and pedal set up then on to the fun stuff 


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1 hour ago, 420n620 said:

where's the video of designing the rear power window ? That's pretty cool. 

Thanks still in the very early stages of the project not much to show the regulator is just tacked on to a crude bracket right now to kinda see what’s what I’ll post more about it as I make some more progress I ran out of steel over the weekend so I moved on to my new pedal set up but I’m hoping to get back to the rear glass next weekend 

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