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VG30 distributor interchangability

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Will any EFI VG30 distributor fit the requirements of a 1991 M30 VG30 distributor? My distributor is going bad and the factory doesn't have a replacement any more. I think it is the magnet sensor making my car stall out under load. It idols just fine but when you start going and it falls on its face. My tachometer is all over the place too. Not an accurate reading. Any thoughts or suggestions?

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On 3/10/2020 at 9:54 PM, Jesse C. said:

Most of them do interchange. Check application on Rockauto and cross compare part numbers, should be able to find a match pretty quick. 


The VG33 ones are a bit different and I am not using one of them. 


I found out the VG33 is a bigger distributor. The VG30e are all the same size. I Used a friends new distributor for his 300zx engine in his 510 and my engine ran better! So, I will purchase the one he is using and be happy! Thank you for your response!


VG30, the engine 510 peeps have no clue about nor care to. LOL

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On 3/14/2020 at 9:30 PM, WAGON JON said:

So are L-series....


LOL L series is vintage original 

the VG is a fantastic motor as is the L series 

The VQ is a whole other animal 

just bustin your Balls 😁

I might even be a little jellious as that is what I was going to do with the white 72 I had 

I just couldn't do it to the 68

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