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My 620 in California came with dual but running it with a single is better and an electronic replacement is best.

The factory dual point had a different amount of advance on each set and was used at different throttle settings and 4th gear if I remember correctly.

I always had the switch zip tied to allow it to run on the 1st set only.

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hotspark  China makes a distributor its on Amazon for like 58$

but one might have to rig it up to make it work correctly with the mount you have as not all are the same. To make it work at TDC or find TDC and find a way  to lock it down it the plates don't match.


sometime people have Pertronix distributors as spares and sell them for 50 $ or so that are converted already and they went to a Matchbox later.

Even the 1st Gen Nissan remote type can be found and used.

Lookin the HOW TO section on electronic ignition conversion

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