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Dick’s Dick’s Dick’s Dick’s Dick’s MAY 24th ,,KENT WA


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  Because as the philosopher Cheech Marin ounce said  ..  responsibility is a heavy responsibility man 


 Date has been changed to MAY 24th 


Social distancing per governmental overlords will be STRICTLY enforced,   



MAY 24th 2020 KENT  Dick's drive-in 

Oh i would say around 12pm(?)  till the Subaru get us kicked out .   

24220 Pacific Hwy S, Kent, WA 98032


google maps,,, clickity - clickity 






If your Datsun isn't running,  just come in the coolest, loudest. obnoxious vehicle that will wobble in and park way the hell over there,, cuz nobody needs that shit bro.. There is usually a large crowd of youngsters in Honda-derps / Miata weirdo  so if you can't deal with those clowns ,,,,, welp . 










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15 hours ago, Bleach said:

I'll be there! Maybe I should even finish up some work on my Datsun and drive it on over.



That family drive-in place would have been a better spot ,, i even texted it out... Then i looked at their yelp and ,,,,,,,,,,,, closed Sundays. 


 dick's gets weird sometimes with all the goof balls re-limiter-ing but we are kinda older/ junkier so might not run us out when they inevitably roll in.. i think if we actually buy food it matters also.. most honda derps just park in front of place and take up space,, and that's why Five-O cruises thru.. 




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We can always have another meet this year at the Family Drive-in place. Perhaps in May


Our meet mid-day should be during a calm time. The Honda races usually happen at night. I live in that general area and I can hear the exhaust noise a mile away... and then later the police sirens.


Maybe this meetup will give me some motivation to put my Z back together.

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9 hours ago, tdaaj said:

Might drive the comfy minivan

oh I disagree .. 


You will probably have your girlfriend drive you there in comfy minivan,  so you won’t have to take a break from telling people on Facebook how much more of a Datsun enthusiast you are than them. 

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3 hours ago, Bleach said:

Also, late last night there was more of the same shenanigans. Ultra loud Honda exhaust then 20 seconds later, police sirens.

The police must be out there waiting for these Friday and Saturday night car meets.

It's only after 10pm. I can record it on my iPhone fomr my house cause I hear it at tall the new warehouses they built 😄 

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9 hours ago, Rick-rat said:

Probably will not be allowed by the governor because of the corona shit

  You are exact person the health people warning to stay the fuck away from other humans my man...  you tick literally every box , haha 

BUT , I checked and it’s all carry out so even the restaurant ban I think they are going to invoke ( or have) doesn’t apply to them ..  


they ( Dick’s ) have posted they only want you to use debit card now and limit cash transactions,, so persons inside just take order and hand food thru window.. their card readers just take insert of card ,, no pressing of PIN numbers. Sounds like If you use cash , they are going to make your wait miserably long as they clean your cash incoming and outgoing from that window 

I believe this is real ,, but I also believe Inslee is a fuckin twat .. 


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Farmer .. That went around in the multiple group texts I’m in last night that’s why I looked into it ... and from what my wife’s contacts in state government,, will be made official this morning 


   Dicks has no seating  , not even picnic tables.  It’s a takeout only place .. only problem will be if they stay open if customers stay away ... Dicks thrives on shear volume of customers they get per minute . 


  I’m not a psycho I just ain’t giving up quite yet ..  if we sit in our separate cars ,, eat food from home ,, talk to each other on cells on group conference call mode ,, and wave at each other  ,,, still could be a good day . haha 

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48 minutes ago, bananahamuck said:

I’m not a psycho I just ain’t giving up quite yet ..  if we sit in our separate cars ,, eat food from home ,, talk to each other on cells on group conference call mode ,, and wave at each other  ,,, still could be a good day . haha 

You had me at meet for fast food - now I don't even have to leave my car!? 


On a more serious note: Fuck.


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