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280zx struts dynalite calipers and 13" wheels questions


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I'm putting together 280zx struts with T3 coilover kit with dynalite calipers and 300z hubs for my 72 510.  I have the coilover ring welded to the struts and the struts are cleaned up and painted.  I mocked up the KYB insert and noticed that the gland nut does not fully tighten down to the strut tube, there is about 3/16" gap.  That is without the washer installed that came with the insert, is it normal to have the gap?


My car has 15" panasports rim that I will be using.  I know that these will clear the dynalite calipers with the 300z hubs brake combo.  And I read that 13" wheels will clear when you run stock 280zx hubs and calipers if you grind the little ears off the calipers.  Is there a way to clear 13" rims with the 300z hub/dynalite combo? 


I'm following the dime quarterly strut build but with the T3 coil over kit.  I might use the T3 camber/caster plates too because I would like to autocross my 510 and I like playing with suspension settings.  Do I need to modify the KYB strut inserts to fit the camber/caster plates?

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Measured the struts and the are stock length 14.8

I did some more searching and came across a post here: https://club-s12.org/forum/index.php?topic=38256.0


This is copied from that post " 

 KYB customer service rep told me last Friday one of their tech engineers would contact me about this. As of Monday night no one had but Tuesday morning I received the following:

Good Morning
Please ensure that all liquid and any obstructions have been removed from the cartridge housing.
KYB cartridge will not install flush with the housing but the gland nut will go no more than ¾ of the way in.
This is normal for our product is [sic] you would like to get our gland nut to go on further you can file some of cap
on the bottom down but do not remove or break off cap.
Thank you



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And I was looking at T3 website and they sell a big brake kit for 280zx struts that can still run 13" wheels.

If I use the dynalite calipers and a smaller rotor can I make that work too or are the T3 calipers smaller?


The last pieces I need are rotors and make or buy the caliper brackets.

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If the insert is slightly short you can stack washers under it.


You can also fill the space around the insert with oil to help transfer heat generated to the outside wall.


If the 280zx calipers rub a 13" rim you can simply grind away what's rubbing. This allows you to keep the stock caliper and pad which is cheaper than buying aftermarket ones and 280zx pads are probably cheaper and more universally available. By the sound of the name 'Dynalite' they may be lighter and thus less unsprung weight but does it really matter that much??? 

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